Our team of experts can help to get the most out of any venue or location to bring your audience the level and quality of sound that they have come to expect.  We will work with you and the venues to achieve a balance and tuning that is perfect for your audio needs.  Once ready, we don’t stop there, as we also have technicians available to run every aspect of your show needed.

CAD Services

Being able to see exactly what your event design will look like before the first piece of stage is set can help you achieve a much more dynamic and enthralling look, while also assuring that every aspect will work together and fit the space necessary.  Especially for large-scale productions, CAD drawings can greatly help to ensure that every party knows exactly what and how to execute their assignment, and help avoid potential design or safety concerns long before they have the ability to cause a problem for you or your guests.


We understand the importance that lighting plays into any tour production’s success.  Our experienced team and excellent selection of lighting options can help bring your tour to life in any city and any venue.

Tour Management



Always safe.  Always dependable.  We understand that the  safety of you and your guests is paramount to everything – and we build highly functional, yet aesthetically pleasing structures with this in the forefront of our design. 


We can provide IMAG (Image Magnification) systems, full cutting-edge LED walls, projection systems, and much more to enhance any tour’s overall experience.  We carry professional, state-of-the-art equipment and have the personnel to handle every aspect of the video needs for your production.


Often times your stage is the foundation of your production, which is why we work hard to provide solid staging solutions that can withstand the abuse, while allowing the designers the flexibility and freedom to produce spectacular shows.  Our team is dedicated and experienced in providing top quality staging solutions for any use.